• I absolutely love my kasher! 🙂 Thank you again!

    Shelby C.

  • Soo simple and GENIUS!!

    Gustavo G.

  • Can’t wait to get my first ever order of the K+ in black. These will make life so much easier.

    Eric P.

  • Love the product and apparently someone else did so much that they stole mine lol

    Samantha D.

  • I love the product guys. Any chance of any holiday coupon codes? I’d love to get some Kashers for my buddies.

    Johnathan F.

  • My girlfriend found a Kasher in between her couch KUSHions. Your products are amazingly simple and useful, cant imagine my life without it now, Thanks!

    Alex D.

  • SUPPER Useful For My Vape Pen And Also For My Piece’s. Helps A LOT!!

    Ryan R.

  • Kasher is such a neat tool. I wish I thought of this idea myself!

    Muhammed Q.

  • Everyone needs to have a Kasher they are just plain and simple one of the most useful tools any smoker could have on their lighter.

    Joshua M.

  • Love the Kasher ! Keep doing it, where can I buy one of your lighters, with the logo?

    Tim T.

  • Kashers are one of those rare masterpiece genius inventions that change lives. Thank You!!!

    Richard B.

  • You guys rock! It cost me 5 hours of scrubbing shitty toilets at Canadian tire, but you guys are boss! Totally worth it! Thanks so much yo! Alice in Wonderland merchandise is […]

    Amy M.

  • I love all your products and can’t wait to see what u have in the future

    Shane G.

  • Hello, I have been a long time fan and user of the Kasher, perhaps even may write a coffee table book, “151 ways on how to use your Kasher.” I recently moved […]

    James T.

  • I’ve been a part of the Kasher family for years now. We’ve just recently started using Clipper lighters and I can’t use a lighter without a Kasher so my girlfriend ordered me […]

    Angie D.

  • I really really like the Kasher! I want this tool… But i live in Germany… Is there any possibility to get one in Germany?  Greetings from the other side of the Planet […]

    Franz Z.

  • I was given 2 Kasher’s about 3 years ago from a friend… best gift ever! I’ve had it this whole time, lost it a couple times – it returned! And ran it […]


  • You guys are the best I love your product’s. I will most definitely be a returning costumer, and well recommend your product’s to the people I know again thanks greatly appreciated.

    Douglas S.

  • This product is awesome. I am honestly so glad you guys exist. My friend introduced me to these and they are perfect. I wasn’t sure who to thank, because they are so […]

    Griffin W.

  • These things are the best. I found a Kasher in a smoke shop and after owning one I immediately bought a few more to make sure I always have one. I show […]


  • I found mine on the side of a road attached to a broken bic. It was crushed, and originally black. But here it is 2 years later, best tool I ever found.

    Bryan R.

  • The Kasher has changed my life. I am a proud owner of every color and I show them off every chance I get. Thank you Kasher!!

    Chad M.

  • These things are the bomb. Stocking up on some more! Thanks for creating something with so much yes attached to it.  

    Alex R.

  • Thank you dudes and dudettes! Still using my first kasher from 2 years ago!  

    Kiran G.

  • I bought a OG Kasher over 3 years ago at Hempfest Downtown Seattle…I can’t live without it. Best tool ever.

    Nick R.

  • I LOVE the K+ I got! I’ll be getting a few more for friends and family 🙂

    Brenna T.

  • No shops around me sell Kashers and my friend got one in her burn box and I have been obsessed with it ever since! Unfortunately no smoke shops around me seem to […]

  • Love your company, I can’t live without my kasher!


  • We would love to carry your products in our stores, lot of people ask about your products on a daily basis so please let me know what we can do to get […]

    Conner B.

  • I just want to say that my friend gave me a kasher about a year ago. Well, I lost it the other day. I loved that thing. I used it every single […]

    Tyler B